Jamboshop partners with Vesen to make payment easy, safe for users and service providers

for Tv47 Digital October 28, 2022, 12:36 PM

Since the pandemic started, online shopping and contactless tap-and-go payments have become more popular among consumers.

Jamboshop partners with Vesen to make payment easy and safe for both users and the service providers. The online store has taken the initiative by adding three payment options: part payment, customer automation and QR Code payment powered by Vesen Computing.

Customers who choose the Part payment option at Jamboshop.com will go through a quick, free process that allows them to pay at least 30% of the total amount upfront, with the remaining 70% paid on delivery. In this credible mode of payment there is trust that the service provider will deliver faithfully.

Jamboshop looks to extend its reach by introducing services throughout the country and in parts of Africa through the QR Code payment. This makes payment easy, fast and reliable for both users and the organization.

Lastly, it has become more difficult for businesses to understand customer needs across these digital channels and retrieve context from previous interactions hence a better personalized customer experience through the IVR system (Interactive voice response). This allows Jamboshoppers to track their order as well as feel more connected to the customer support team while shopping.

"We're always looking for ways to improve our customers’ experience," said Sanjay Pathak, Country Head JamboShop Kenya.

“We simply aim to help businesses get ahead of challenges & discover better growth opportunities with our wide range of transformation service. We are committed to deliver solutions that layout successful roadmaps for today and for the future," said John Ndungu, Managing Director Vesen Computing.

This partnership envisions to lighten the load for consumers by making their shopping journey effective and secure.

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