Kitui driver narrates Black Mamba encounter that mirrors a horror flick

for Tv47 Digital June 29, 2021, 01:39 PM
david musyoka
David Musyoka who was bitten by a snake in his car. PHOTO/COURTESY

A driver at Kitui County Government has narrated how a black mamba snake bit his arm after apparently falling from the grip of an eagle overhead.

In an experience that mirrors a horror flick, David Musyoka, 39, was driving from Mwingi town to Mui Basin on Monday evening when he saw the lethally venomous serpent in the vehicle cabin. It has reportedly slithered into the cabin after falling from the vice grip of an eagle's talons.

Before Musyoka's reflexes could kick it, the black mamba which is reputed for its speed, bit him on the left arm, prompting him to stop the car.

"People came to help me kill the snake," he narrated. "But before we could decide what to do with it, the eagle came again, tore through the crowd, picked the snake and flew away."

Musyoka was rushed to Mwingi Level 4 Hospital where he received treatment.

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