Whose body did the family bury? Shock as Murang'a man assumed dead resurfaces

for Tv47 Digital September 16, 2022, 01:53 PM
Murang'a man back from the dead
John Kiarie, 35, returned home after he had gone missing for two months, only to find that his family had buried a body mistaking it to be him. PHOTOS/TV47 DIGITAL

Residents of Gatwikira village in Kandara, Murang'a county, are reeling in shocking after one of their neighbours was presumed dead -and buried - resurfaced. 

Joseph Kiarie, 35, had disappeared without a trace two months ago. He had gone to work as a porter at Githurai 45 in June and later lost contact with family a month later

In the course of his disappearance, the family received news that a person resembling Kiarie had been attacked and killed by thugs in Githurai, and that his body was lying at the City Mortuary.

Kiarie walks to the place where he was 'buried'. PHOTO | TV47 DIGITAL

Kiarie's brother and friends visited the morgue, and 'positively' identified the body. The family was thrown into mourning, even though some members had reservations over the identity. But they carried on with the burial and on July 18 this year, the remains were interred at his family's home in Gatwikira. 

Two months later, Kiarie's mother Mary Wambui received a call from her 'dead' son. He told her that he was alive and well, and was in the neighbouring Gatura village in Gatanga, working as a tea picker.

Mary Wambui, Kiarie's mother speaks to 'TV47 Digital'. PHOTO | TV47 DIGITAL

He returned home 'back from the dead', traumatised nevertheless at the shock he witnessed on his relatives' faces. He says he might need counselling to overcome the trauma. He adds that he will attend church on Sunday and offer his life to God. 

The family is now awaiting a court order to exhume the body they had buried as police prepare to unravel the mystery behind the real identity of the deceased. 

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