Kajiado: Pain for motorists as fuel hits KSh250 per litre

for Tv47 Digital September 17, 2022, 09:06 AM
Ilbisil town fuel shortage
Residents of Ilbisil town in Kajiado County queue for fuel at one of the petrol stations. The commodity is retailing at KSh250 a litre. PHOTO/TV47 DIGITAL

Motorists and boda boda riders in Ilbisil town, Kajiado County, are crying foul over exorbitant petrol prices. 

The commodity is retailing at KSh250 per litre, two days after the new administration of President William Ruto removed the fuel subsidies. There is also a dire shortage, with most petrol stations along the busy Namanga Road having run out of stock.

On Friday, only a single petrol station in Ilbisil town had petrol. Motorists and boda boda riders, jerricans and bottles in hand, queued for long hours to make a purchase.

One could only purchase a maximum of 10 litres. A spot check by TV47 Digital revealed similar shortage in Maili Tisa and Nkatatoek towns.

Friday being a major livestock market day in Ilbisil saw a good number of traders stranded as their vehicles ran out of fuel. 

Residents have faulted the government over the shortages and skyrocketing prices, and have asked President Ruto to intervene.

With the removal of the subsidies, the new prices as announced by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority saw price of petrol increase by KSh20.18, diesel by KSh25 and kerosene by KSh20. 

The government however retained the subsidy for diesel and kerosene to cushion consumers from high prices.

Yesterday, the Federation of Public Transport Sector (FPTS) said it will hike Matatu fares by between 20% -30% as a result of the increase in pump prices of fuel.

During his inauguration on Tuesday September 13, President Ruto said the subsidies are doing more harm than good to the Kenyan economy.

“If the subsidy continues to the end of the financial year, it will cost the taxpayer KSh 280 billion, equivalent to the entire national government development budget," he said.

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