Armed man, 24, busted manning illegal roadblock in Trans Mara

for Tv47 Digital October 24, 2022, 02:50 PM
Man busted manning illegal police roadblock
A roadblock mounted by traffic police officers in one of the Kenyan roads. Police in Trans Mara on October 21, 2022 arrested a 24-year-old who was manning an illegal roadblock.

Police in Trans Mara, Narok County, have arrested a man who was busted manning an illegal roadblock near Saparingo conservancy on Saparingo-Kirindon Road.

24-year-old Sammy Munyenye, dressed in a jungle green clothes that resemble those of police officers, was also found in possession of an AK47 rifle without a magazine.

Confirming the incident, Trans Mara South sub-County Commissioner George Onyango said the man was arrested on Friday, October 21 morning after authorities got a tip-off.

"On Friday morning, an informer alerted us of a man who was armed and was suspected not to be a security officer. He wore some clothes which resemble those of police officers. Our officers moved with speed and arrested him," says Onyango.

Ranger in the mix?

Upon his arrest, Munyenye reportedly said that a ranger had given him the rifle.

Onyango now says that investigations into the incident have began, with police looking for the said Narok County ranger who has disappeared.

"We intend to arrest him and get details of the source of the gun. We have also sent details of the firearm to Nairobi for ballistic investigations," he added.

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