Tiaty Central sub-County: Will creation of new administrative unit end banditry menace?

for Tv47 Digital January 17, 2023, 05:08 PM
Tiaty MP William Kamket
Tiaty MP William Kamket has lauded the move to creat Tiaty Central sub-County, expressing optimism that it will play a big role in ending the banditry menace in the volatile region. PHOTO/COURTESY

In Summary

  • The National Government hopes that the creation of Tiaty Central will play a big role in bringing services closer to the people who feel have been sidelined since indepence.

  • Tiaty Central sub-County, gov't says, will help in opening up the volatile region, by construction of roads and other social amenities.

All herders who will be found armed will be treated as bandits and therefore treated with necessary force as would be criminals, this is according to Baringo County Commissioner Abdirisack Jaldesa.

This comes even as it emerges that hundreds of herders armed with AK47 rifles have encroached Kagir area and taken over water points, sending fear and tension among the locals.

Speaking in Chemolingot, Tiaty Constituency, during the creation of Tiaty Central sub-County, the commissioner said herders who are armed are a threat to the peace witnessed in the border of Baringo North and Tiaty which has lasted for 8 months now.

Baringo North locals say that the armed herders came forcefully, without passing the requirement of sending grazing committees to ensure they coexist amongst themselves.

Abdirisack also said the creation of the new sub-county will bring services and administration closer to the people and therefore help in addressing the runaway insecurity after many years of marginalisation.

Tiaty MP William Kamket expressed optimism that creating an additional sub-county will solve many of challenges the people in the area have faced since independence.

The lawmaker noted the additional sub-county will help in opening up the roads which will boost security, address employment and bring services closer to the people.

Tiaty Constituency is one of the vast areas in Baringo with 47% of land mass. It had only two sub-counties(Tiaty West and Tiaty East) and with the boundary review it will add up to three with the introduction of Tiaty Central. The move has been welcomed by the residents who lauded it as a game changer to the development in the area.

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