Videos emerge of slain Mombasa traffic cop ‘bullying’ motorists before his gruesome death

for Tv47 Digital March 02, 2023, 06:23 AM
Julius Marwa, the traffic police officer who died on Monday Feb. 27. Motorists allege he carried out his duties in a high handed manner.
BURLY BULLY? Julius Marwa, the traffic police officer who died on Monday Feb. 27. Motorists allege he carried out his duties in a high-handed manner. PHOTOS/FILM GRAB

In Summary

  • Traffic cop Julius Marwa died on Monday Feb. 27 after an altercation with a motorist. 
  • Videos shared on social media portray him as bully cop who brooked no nonsense from motorists. 

Past videos have emerged of the Mombasa traffic police officer who died after a physical altercation with a motorist on Monday, February 27.

The videos portray Julius Marwa as a bully cop always at loggerheads with motorists while dispensing his duties.

He died when a motorist in a silver Toyota Ractis run him over after a seemingly routine traffic stop.

A police report on the incident [OB Number 64/27/02/2023] says Marwa was controlling traffic at Buxton Junction at 4:30 pm when he flagged down one Jama Abdi Osman, driver of the Ractis.

“Abdi was asked by Marwa to turn off the engine to allow the officer to conduct a normal traffic check, but he declined,” says the report.

“The action of the driver prompted the officer to open the driver's door with the intent to turn off the ignition, but unexpectedly the driver grabbed the officer's hand and tried to pull him inside the vehicle before driving off at high speed,” added the report.

The cop was dragged for about 200 metres along the asphalt. He lost his grip, fell on the tar, and the car’s the right rear wheel run over him.

“The officer sustained serious head injury and multiple fractures on the pelvic. He was rushed to Jocham Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival,” added the police report.

Kenyans on social media have shared videos that seemingly show cop the burly bully cop's high-handedness. 

In one of the videos, a matatu driver pleads with Marwa as he grabs his shirt: “Usiwe umeamua hivyo…Tumia mamlaka yako unavyotaka... lakini nimekwambia kuna Mungu…

Usinisumbue…Usinisumbue…” the officer thunders back.

"Unajua daddy watu ni kuelewana bana," another voice of a member of the matatu crew is overheard pleading. 


The suspect Osman Jama Abdi has since been arrested.

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