'We'll embrace international curriculums if Ruto's gov't scraps CBC,' private school directors warn

for Tv47 Digital September 17, 2022, 01:23 PM
Competency Based Curriculum
Note: This photo has been used for illustration purposes. It shows Pupils of Nyeri Good Shepherded School fly kites during environmental activities on January 22, 2020. PHOTO/COURTESY

Directors of private schools in Kakamega County have vowed to embrace international curriculums if the new Kenya Kwanza government scraps the Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC).

This comes just days after an outcry from a section of leaders and parents urging the President William Ruto-led administration to do away with the CBC, claiming that the ever since implementation of the new curriculum started, parents have been left poorer.

Speaking during closing day-cum-fun day event at Applegate Christian School in Kakamega, the private school directors led by the director of the school Everlyn Tiany' said CBC is the solution to unemployment and job creation in the country vowing to embrace the international curriculum than going back to the old 8-4-4 system.

They said there's need for a child to grow wholesomely and CBC is the best option urging the committee formed by the president to put the wellbeing of children first as they make their recommendations.

Education taskforce

President Ruto, in his inauguration speech on Tuesday, September 13 at Kasarani Stadium, said that he will set up an education reform taskforce in the coming weeks to spearhead a review of the CBC.

“Public participation is critical in this matter, I will establish an education reform task force in the presidency which will be launched in the coming weeks,” announced Ruto.

The CBC is now at Grade six. The Ministry of Education is planning to roll out Grade Seven - which is essentially the junior secondary class - in January.

A total of 1,268,830 learners are set to transit to Grade 7 under the CBC, while a further 1,243,637 Standard 8 learners are set join Form One.

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