Kabi WaJesus: "I was molested as a child and family used to tell me not to speak about it."

for Tv47 Digital July 14, 2022, 11:28 AM
Kabi WaJesus content creator
Popular YouTuber couple of Kabi WaJesus and wife Milly. PHOTO/COURTESY

In Summary

  • The famous content creator had sparked controversy with a confession about coitus with cousins. 

  • He says he does not regret the confession, as it drew more people to Salvation. 

Kenyan content creator Kabi WaJesus is not new to controversy. 

He, alongside wife Milly, have build their brands around Christianity. They share their lives with their online community: a 548,000-strong subscriber base on YouTube. 

Kabi spoke on TV47's 'Dr Ofweneke Tonight' about his recent confession that he has had sexual relations with a several of his cousins. He made this revelation in a video that made rounds on social media.

"One of the strongest things I have in my life is my testimony. I was molested as a child and family used to tell me not to speak about it. Before Kabi WaJesus the brand, there is Kabi the gospel minister," he said.

Revising the remarks about coitus with cousins, he said: "On that night, I did not know I was going to reveal that information but while on the alter, God told me to speak openly about some things, about what happened to me." 

"I am not ashamed to have confessed because on that day, 40 people gave their lives to Christ," he added.

Prior to this confession, the public only knew of one of his cousins- with whom he sired a child.  

"Before I got born again, this was not an issue, and she's not the first one. I have slept with so many others, what are you talking about? Huyo mwenye alipata mimba sasa ndio mnajua."

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