"I'm broke but I'm far from poor!" - Juliani answers KoT

for Tv47 Digital September 21, 2022, 05:01 PM
Juliani reveals why he posted paybill number for fans to send him money
"Wase! Nikubaya niko BROKE! mtoi anahitaji pampers.," says Juliani on a Twitter post . PHOTO / @JulianiKenya

Artiste Julius Owino popularly known as Juliani has given the reason behind his social media post where he put out a pay bill number asking fans to send him money as he is broke.

Juliani has, in a recorded video message, explained that although he may be broke, he is far from being poor. 

He says that currently he has invested in projects yet to yield returns.  

The rapper narrates how due to this, he has been forced to go back to work yet he wanted to spend exclusive time with his son.

"I am not able to spend time with my son right now because I am running around trying to pay debts and achieve some things I promised myself," says Juliani.

"So yes, you can be making fun of it and it can be funny but the truth is for me it’s serious because I am not spending enough time with my son," he adds.

"I am broke but I am far from poor. You are calling me broke but I am not your kind of broke. Right now the reason I have to put the Paybill number is because you are calling me broke, but I am not your kind of broke." 

"If you see me running around, I am not just trying to do things for myself because I am okay. I have a roof over my head but I have a dream for my community to provide 10,000 jobs, give artistes loans based on their music," he continues.

The whole saga began when netizens started bashing Lillian Ng'ang'a for 'dumping' Alfred Mutua, who is poised to be a Cabinet Secretary in the new Kenya Kwanza Government, for an artiste in Juliani.

The trolling was only exacerbated by content creator Andrew Kibe's diss.

Kibe made a side by side photo collage of Lillian's ex-boyfriend (Alfred Mutua) in the streets of Manhattan and her husband Juliani holding a baby stroller, with netizens creating banter out of it. 

"I do not mind trolls. I actually find some of them funny. Jana (yesterday) when Kibe mentioned my child, I was like it’s funny but to me it was a little bit serious," Juliani said.

Juliani's wife Lillian Ng'ang'a also commented on the matter, blasting netizens for dwelling on petty issues. 

"Just seen some shallow story y'all trying to drag me into. Kwani hamchoki?," Lilian posed in an Instagram story. Endeleeni tu. Let me proceed with my day with my little boy."

Lilian left Mutua for Juliani in 2021 and early this year the two love birds tied the knot in a private wedding. 

The two welcomed their first child together in August, 2022.

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