"LGBTQ community not part of our problem as Kenya" - Sauti Sol's Bien

for Tv47 Digital March 04, 2023, 02:18 PM
Bien Baraza
Sauti Sol's Bien Baraza speaking during an interview on TV47's Bomba La Sanaa. PHOTO/TV47

In Summary

  • Sauti Sol's Bien-Aime Barasa says the Kenya Kwanza government is using the LGBTQ agenda to draw Kenyan's focus away from the things that matter the most to them like health, education and hunger.
  • "LQBTQ ikiisha njaa itapotea, corruption itapotea?" He asks.

Sauti Sol's Bien Baraza has come to the defense of the Supreme Court's ruling on LGBTQ community saying that whatever people are doing behind the scenes should not be the talk of the town.

Speaking on Saturday during TV47's Bomba La Sanaa show, Bien said that he fully supports the LGBTQ community and whatever they do.

"I support LGBTQ, I support people to do what they want and show their expressions," Bien said.

The self-proclaimed chairman of 'Bald men Association' further said that LGBTQ is not even close to the current problems Kenyans are experiencing.

"Our problems in Kenya are hunger, economic empowerment, extra-judicial killings, proper education systems and so many others that come before the LGBTQ. LGBTQ is not even a bigger problem than corruption in this country.

"Whatever someone does in their bedroom is not a problem to anyone,  Please focus on the things that are important," Bien said.

Bien faults Kenya Kwanza Gov't

While using the opportunity to question the Kenya Kwanza government's priority, the 'Inauma' hitmaker said that Kenyans should focus on what makes sense first.

"LQBTQ ikiisha njaa itapotea, corruption itapotea? There are so many things going wrong but we are focusing on the wrong things. For example, Health Care is not universal in this country.

"That energy that they are directing on LGBTQ lets us direct it to things that make sense like education. The government is using this issue to hoodwink you guys and remove your attention from the things that matter," he added.

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