"Kama babangu alinilea who are you usinilee!" - TikToker Mummie Francie reveals her ideal man

for Tv47 Digital May 11, 2023, 01:38 PM
Mummie Francie ideal man
Content creator and radio host Mummie Francie.

Content creator Mummie Francie has disclosed that she does not judge a man she wants to date based on physical traits, compared to many women who go for looks.

"I don't mind the physique of a man to date, why should you date a tall, dark,  and handsome guy then he ends up beating you every day? I need a man who is humble and knows how to take care of a woman," Francie said on Wednesday, May 10 during an interview with TV47's Dr. Ofweneke Tonight Show.

Francie holds the opinion that a man should treat his woman according to what he decides and there should not be a set way to do it.

She stressed the importance of having at least enough money before starting a relationship, recognising that a man should be contributing a bigger percentage of money in a relationship.

“What a man can do a woman can do better but a man should start by showing how it is done then the woman to follow. A man should contribute at least 95% and the woman to bring the rest of the money,” she added.

Mummie Francie is married to Godfrey Andy.

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