"We used to be paid KSh20, KSh150 bob" - Comedian Eddie Butita narrates struggles before his career took off

for Tv47 Digital May 21, 2023, 06:21 AM
Kenyan comedian Eddie Butita has narrated the struggles he went through before his career took off.

In Summary

  • Comedian Eddie Butita graced TV47's Dr Ofweneke Tonight show on Wednesday and revealed some untold information about his career.
  • In the show, Butita narrated how they used to do shows for as low as KSh20.

Kenyan comedian Edwin Butita, popularly known as Eddie Butita, has revealed the struggles that he went through as he nurtured his budding career.

Speaking on TV47's show - Dr. Ofweneke Tonight last week, Butita said that he used to sleep on his father's bedbug-infested seat in Kariobangi, Nairobi.

"I remember one day my father woke up, put on the lights and said to me, 'don't worry it is just for while, one day you will be rich and buy your own bed'," Butita recounted.

The comedian also disclosed that he was 20 years old when he first appeared on television during the Churchill Show.

'We were paid KSh20 bob'

While recounting their early days with the host of the show - Dr Ofweneke, Butita narrated how 14 years ago, they did a performance during a wedding at Kenya Assembly of God (KAG), Buruburu.

"A guy named Physician had taken us there. He was like our manager. That day he gave us KSh1000 to share. It was in an envelope someone had just brought as a gift to the couple tying the knot. Each one of us got KSh150. I even wondered who would give out a gift of only a thousand shillings!"

In another incident, Butita narrates how they went to entertain revellers at a popular club in Nairobi, and they were paid KSh20.

"Then we went to Club Sound where we were paid 20 bob. We were 10 people and we were given KSh200. If your jokes were not good, there was no pay." 

He said that it was in 2013 that positive changes started happening in his career.

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