Drama as cash-in-transit vehicle scatters money on busy highway

Doors of a cash-in-transit van burst open ‘spilling out’ thousands of dollars.

for Tv47 Digital November 22, 2021, 05:26 PM
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cash-in-transit van in california tv47
The bullion van, which was transporting the money from a local bank. PHOTO/COURTESY

According to Fox News, many people collected the money and returned it to the officers who were transporting it. But the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the California Highway Patrol are looking for the people who collected wads of notes and took off.

Cash-In-Transit 'Theft'

The U.S media outlet quotes attorney Greg Wiseman as saying collecting this 'Manna' is illegal. "People get the wrong idea. They think 'finders keepers'. If you know who owns the money or where it came from, its not yours to take."

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