Organ Trade? Tanzanian man loses private parts while relieving self at local bar

for Tv47 Digital July 04, 2022, 07:13 AM
Tanzania man genitals chopped off tv47 digital
Nanaa Mepukori, 54, is receiving treatment at the Kiteto District hospital following the June 28 attack. PHOTO/FILE

A 54-year-old man in the Tanzanian village of Orkine is nursing serious injuries after unknown assailants waylaid him and chopped off his genitals.

Nanaa Mepukori is receiving treatment at the Kiteto District hospital, reports ‘The Citizen’ newspaper. Mepukori was relieving himself at the washroom of a local bar on the night of June 28 when the strangers attacked him and chopped off his genitals using a knife.

The victim’s son Leyaseki Mepukori, 26, told the newspaper that he found his father bleeding profusely.

"I found my father helpless, took him to the dispensary before he was moved to the district hospital where he is now receiving treatment. Our plan is to take him to Dodoma for further treatment.”

Leyaseki said the attack on his father could be linked to the rumoured trade on human body parts.

Manyara Regional Police Commander, Benjamini Kuzaga confirmed the incident and said they’d launched investigations.

Tanzania has been at the epicentre of controversy relating to the trade of human body parts, in particular those of people living with albinism.

The country hosts the largest rate of people with albinism worldwide. While one out of 15,000 people in most African sub-regions has albinism, one out of 1,400 Tanzanians has the condition.

Superstition holds that Albinos’ limbs, bones, skin and internal organs can be used to make charms, potions, amulets or concoctions that will bring good fortune, health, wealth and even extraordinary or supernatural powers, notes online publication ‘Enact.’

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