Transgender inmate who impregnated two women moved to men's prison

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Demitrius Minor, 27,
Demitrius Minor, 27, is serving a 30-year sentence at a New Jersey prison in U.S.A. PHOTOS/COURTESY

In Summary

  • Demitrius Minor is serving a 30-year sentence for stabbing his foster father to death. 

  • The prison he was moved from houses 27 transgender inmates.


A transgender prisoner who impregnated two fellow inmates at a U.S prison has been moved to a men's prison.


 Demitrius Minor, 27, is serving a 30-year sentence at a New Jersey prison for stabbing her [his?] foster father to death. He was moved from the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility to the Garden State Youth Correctional Facility last June.


U.S media reports that Minor was placed on suicide watch after the transfer. He reportedly tried to hang himself while being transferred to the male facility.


In a post on Justice 4 Demi blog, he revealed that prison authorities allowed him to keep his make-up kit, although wearing make-up in a men’s facility “'is a death wish.


I have accepted that I am in a male facility but I have not accepted nor will I ever agree to or accept that I am anything other than a woman who happens to be transgender, Minor wrote in the blog. 


He claims that prison guards are mistreating him. A guard reportedly shouted at him: “'I don't give a f*** what you do ….there is no camera here ... everyone here is man including you.’” 

Minor in a New Jersey court room during his sentencing. PHOTO | COURTESY


The Edna Mahan Correctional Facility where the impregnation took place has 800 inmates, 27 of whom are transgender.


Why he was locked up

Minor’s 30-year sentence stemmed from a crime he committed when he was just 16 years old. He broke into his foster father’s home [Theotis Butts] in Gloucester Township, New Jersey, and stabbed him several times.

He then fled to New York, 120 kilometres away where he was arrested. He was also convicted of carjacking.

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