My dress, my choice? Not in Rwanda as woman, 24, is charged over 'shameful clothes'

for Tv47 Digital August 19, 2022, 12:40 PM
Liliane Mugabekazi arrested
Liliane Mugabekazi's see-through sheer dress left little to imagination. The government is not happy and she's been charged in court for 'indecent exposure'. PHOTOS/COURTESY

A 24-year-old woman has been arrested in Rwanda for wearing 'shameful clothes'. 

Liliane Mugabekazi attended a concert by Cameroonian artist Julien Bouadjie (Tayc) wearing a sheer dress.

She was was arrested on August 7, and is facing charges over public indecency.

Rwandan public prosecutors have applied to have her detained for 30 days for committing what they say is a 'serious crime.'

"She attended the concert while wearing clothes that reveal her private parts... clothes that we call shameful. It is on these serious grounds that we ask the court to remand Mugabekazi for 30 days," Rwandan Prosecution spokesperson Faustin Nkusi told AFP news.

Mugabekazi will now know whether she will be granted bail or not on Tuesday next week.

Rwandan officials support police

The case, odd as it may seem to Kenyans, has attracted support from Rwandan authorities including Rwandan police spokesman John Bosco Kabera.

“This problem is escalating… you find an individual wearing only a shirt only… without pants or shorts. These people then go to public places dressed like that, with clothes that look like nets," Bosco said.

Former Justice minister Johnston Busingye said: "The current issue of our young men and women who drink and drug themselves unconscious, appear in public naked is objectionable. I support the efforts to address it." 

Rwandan Youth rebuke the move 

However, Rwandan youth have raised their objection, with over 600 people signing an online petition in less than five hours to have Mugebakazi released.

"If our country is supporting creative ideas, being diverse, and keeping an open mind in all sections, entertainment shouldn't the only sector to be left out, and you can't expect someone who is going to a HipHop/R&B concert to dress the same as those going to a gospel choir concert, everything has its unspoken lane," the petition read.

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