Starting a new job?: Steps to ensure you succeed

for Tv47 Digital July 26, 2020, 09:47 AM
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Starting out at a new office? This one’s definitely for you. Being a newbie can be quite daunting but not as daunting as being stuck in the house with nothing to do and no income. So time to face the new challenge and start ticking things off from your goals list.

A new job has its own challenges but nothing a little preparation cannot beat.

Establishing your expectations and being open-minded ready to adjust them according to what’s on the ground is key. That, therefore, goes without saying how your attitude plays a tremendous role in how you adjust to the new people and the environment. People are quite complex, office cultures are diverse hence brace yourself for some culture shock.

 There is really little you can do about a new environment. You got to go with the flow for a while as you slowly adjust bringing your persona out and finding your place thereafter.

Even so, there are little things here and there that you can look out for to ensure your new job does not suck a whole bunch.

Official clothes

You unmistakably should consider investing in new decent and comfortable official clothes, because listen, those old black pants and faded blazer don't cut it.

The first week is all about surveying, meeting new faces, and getting your way around.

You cannot hack that when feeling out of place and uncomfortable. Hence, get some new comfy office clothes that will allow you to mingle freely without having to deal with stares and snickers here and there.

This will aid you to learn the office culture faster while making acquaintances at it. You need new undergarments too! So invest.


You need to show up for yourself because being new can be quite intimidating. Also, colleagues might be standoffish making it even harder to adjust. Consequently, remind yourself of what you can do and have done to gas yourself up.

Be audible, look people straight in the eye, mingle with professionalism, and inquire questions without shame or fear. Confidence allows you to have an easier time finding your way around your new job description and settling in faster. Also remember, no job is the same, you will learn as you go.

So take a deep breath, let go of the tension and rise to the occasion.


As a newbie, some characters may want to pester and pry into your personal life. It happens, people are easily intrigued and can get quite inquisitive. Hence, never shy away from excusing yourself from certain personal topics that you are not comfortable indulging in with a complete stranger.

You should therefore never compromise to gain favor with colleagues or gain a sense of belonging. Stand your ground and make those boundaries and lines known.

The chair

Yes, you probably will get a not so comfortable one. Do not kill yourself and back in silence. Ask around for whom you can ask help from and get yourself a comfortable chair. There are probably a number of them in a boardroom somewhere so chill and ask for a comfortable seat.

Remember a calm sea never made a skilled sailor so brace yourself for a journey, go fort and conquer.

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