Ebola scare at Busia border as CS Mutahi Kagwe issues health alert

for Tv47 Digital September 21, 2022, 03:44 PM
Health CS Mutahi Kagwe. The Ministry of Health has issued a health alert following Ebola outbreak in central Uganda.

Residents of Busia along the Kenya-Uganda border now want the county and the National Government to take immediate measures against the outbreak of Ebola in central Uganda.

The residents expressed their fears saying porosity of the Busia-Uganda border posses a great danger to their lives in relation to Ebola outbreak.

They now want vaccination against Ebola as it has been for Covid-19 as a measure to ensure safety of their lives that is at danger from the people coming into Kenya across East Africa.

The spot check at the Busia border shows no preparedness to curb the deadly Ebola in place where travelers entering Kenya are not being scanned for the disease.

This comes even as the Ministry oh Health on Wednesday, September 21 issued a health alert over the same.

Ministry of Health directive

In a statement, Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe acknowledged that the porous Kenya-Uganda border puts Kenya at a high risk of Ebola importation.

He directed all counties to be vigilant and enhance surveillance especially at the borders.

Kagwe also said that counties should activate rapid response teams to support identification of any suspected cases and making prompt reporting.

Consequently, at-risk populations - including travellers, truck drivers, bush meat handlers and health care workers - should be screened going forward.

The Ministry also urged the general public to watch out for any person presenting acute onset of fever and any of the following signs - especially if in contact with persons with history of travel from Uganda and/or DRC within the previous three weeks; vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pains, headache, sore throat, measles like rash, red eyes, bleeding from body openings.

"If you come across such a person, notify the nearest health facility or administrative officers like Assistant Chiefs or call the following hotline numbers immediately; 0729 47 14 14 or 0732 35 35 35," says the Ministry of Health.

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