Dida, one of Africa's largest female elephants dies aged 65 at Tsavo East National Park

for Tv47 Digital November 01, 2022, 03:23 PM
Dida, Africa's largest female elephant dies at Tsavo East
Dida, one of Africa's largest female tusker elephants has died aged 65 at Tsavo East National Park. KWS says she died of old age.

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has announced the death of Dida, an iconic female elephant that resided in Tsavo East National Park.

Dida was possibly Africa’s largest female tusker and a matriarch, as described by KWS. She died from natural causes due to old age having lived a full life to about 60-65 years old.

"Dida was a truly an iconic matriarch of Tsavo and a great repository of many decades worth of knowledge. She shepherd her herd through many seasons and challenging times. She served as both the subject to various documentaries and an iconic tourist attraction," KWS says.

KWS adds: "Those who got to know her through pictures and videos as well as those who had the exquisite pleasure of meeting her in person will remember her. Rest Well Dida."

Facts about elephants

  • Due to increased rate of poaching, habitat destruction, and climate change, elephants are on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species. African Savannah elephants and Asian elephants are endangered, while African forest elephants are critically endangered.
  • The average life span of an Asian elephant is 48 years, while the African elephant lives 60-70 years. Elephants in captivity (zoos) have shorter life spans, which experts believe is due to stress from poor mental health.
  • The oldest an elephant lived on record is likely Indira, who lived at an elephant rehabilitation center in India. Docile and accommodating, Indira lived to about 90 years old, according to her vet’s best guess. Indira passed away in 2017.

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