Who was this man whose coffin was violently hurled into a 16ft, unmarked grave?

for Tv47 Digital December 10, 2021, 07:46 AM
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Kariuki hurled into grave
Kariuki while he was working in Dubai. A slight domestic tussle took an ugly turn, fuelled by hubris and a temper as hot as lava from Mount Nyiragongo. PHOTO/COURTESY

On Wednesday May 5, the two siblings drove to Gatundu in the L200 to deliver a heifer to another farmer. Spurred by the success of his brother, Kariuki had become a livestock broker of some sorts upon his return from Dubai. Martin had given him two cows as start-up capital. The brothers were jovial throughout the journey. They arrived at Mitahato Shopping Centre late evening, mission accomplished. Kariuki decided to imbibe several glasses of Muratina at a local before heading home.

The two brothers lived with their families within the same compound, part of their inheritance from their mother. Kariuki, who villagers say had a short fuse, picked up a fight with his wife. After exchanging blows, she summoned the man's uncle -who also lives within the compound- to mediate. Wasp-angry Kariuki turned his anger on the uncle, prompting the man's three sons to intervene in an all-family melee. The melee attracted the attention of neighbours who intervened and brokered a truce.


Darkness had set in when Kariuki realised one of his phone SIM cards was missing. In the picture of his thoughts, he traced to the glove compartment of the L200. A witness who spoke to TV47Digital on condition of anonymity said Kariuki proceeded to Martin's house for the car keys in order to retrieve the SIM card.

"Martin was taking a shower. He asked his wife to gave Kariuki the keys, whereupon he (Kariuki) started hurling insults at Martin, saying that 'sending a woman instead of coming in person' was Madharau," the witness recounted. "He took a knife and jabbed the right top corner of the car windscreen, breaking it."

Incensed by the damage to his car, Martin run out of the bathroom determined to discipline the berserk young man, now hiding inside a toilet. "The moment he pushed the door open, Kariuki lunged at him with the knife, stabbing him in the ribs," narrated the witness.

He started bleeding profusely, moaning as he panted for breath. The other family members responded and rushed him to a hospital in Githunguri town, about seven kilometres away, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Meanwhile, Kariuki spirited away into the dark night, to start his ignominious journey to the afterlife.

Hurled into a grave

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