Kenyan woman narrates how she used to report men who heartbreak her to police officers

for Tv47 Digital October 16, 2022, 07:14 AM
Beryl Wanga Itindi
Beryl Wanga Itindi (pictured) says she used to report any man who heartbreaks her to police, and that the men in uniform would always come through to help her overcome heartbreak.

A woman identified as Beryl Wanga Itindi on Facebook shared three instances when she reported three men to the police. 

The first time she went to the cops was to report a man who told her she looked like a man after she rejected him. 

"The first one was hitting on me and when I refused his advances, he sent me a text telling me I looked like a man. That I didn't have boobs and that I am masculine!" She said.

"I read that text, rose up from where I was sitting, and went straight to the police station. He was summoned the next day and we both stood there listening to the lecture by the police. You would think we are siblings reporting to their parents," she jested.

KenCom breakup

The second instance was fueled by an abrupt heartbreak when her ex-boyfriend informed her that he had impregnated another girl and he wanted to be with her and not Beryl. 

"The second one just broke up with me in KenCom. I mean without a warning! One minute we were laughing standing there in a queue as we waited for a bus and the next minute he was telling me he impregnated another woman and he wanted to be with her."

"Aaaaaaaaaaah! Central Police Station straight! I quietly walked as I sobbed from Kencom but when I reached the entrance of Central Police station, the pain tripled! I walked into that police station wailing, they almost thought I was bereaved."

Police laugh at her

"I did not even hesitate. I reported that the guy had left me yet I still loved him! You should have seen how they took turns rushing to the back office and laughing. They would leave one officer at the reception with me then go laugh at the back office."

"The one who was left would then take his turn to go laugh and come back serious. I knew they were laughing at me but I did not care at that point. I do not know how it was recorded in the Occurrence Book, all I know is that I was given a CID who took me to some restaurant opposite the police station across the road."

"He sat there with me as I cried for more than an hour. Then he told me to imagine that the guy boarded a plane and the plane crashed and we lost him. But how could I lie to my mind that he was dead yet he was alive with another girlfriend? Worse still, the girlfriend was expecting his child! Eiiiiiii. I cried like a little baby!!"

The club hopper

Beryl says the third man did not return home after a night out. She filed a missing person's report with the police and contacted the CID officer she had met when she responded the man who impregnated another lady.

"The third man is the single father of two I usually tell you about. He didn't come home all night and I was scared that something might have happened to him because he was not picking calls either."

"I went to the police station and reported him missing! It was the most embarrassing report to make. They asked me why I think he is missing yet it has only been one night. One night is not enough to report a partying adult missing."

"I also contacted that CID friend I made when I reported the other man. He requested for his number and tracked him the following day."

The CID officer established that the supposedly lost man had been club hopping. "He told me to go back home and wait for my man in peace. Then told me to go out with him next time and stop reporting him missing."

"The next day, he came back in the afternoon and when I asked him where he was, he said that he had been kidnapped by women the whole night. That he had just released him an hour ago! I believed him."

"I even knelt down and prayed for him as I rebuked these women kidnappers. He married one of his kidnappers a year later." 

She ended the lengthy post by thanking the police for accompanying her on her relationship journey. She also said that she had since ceased these gimmicks. 

"Dear Kenya police, you have walked with me all through my relationships. Today I celebrate you. Where would I be without you? I mean where? I know it's been a while since I visited you, I grew up," she concluded.

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