5 ways to ask the ideal man out

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Traditionally the man is supposed to ask the woman out but just like everything else this scenario has been subject to change.

In modern time, it is not weird to have a lady walk up to you, declare she likes you and ask if you would like to go out for a drink.

Some ladies, however, find it hard to ask a guy they like out and end up waiting for years for the man to express his affection. Here are ways you can easily ask your ideal man out:

Get Information: Every woman knows that information is power. So use all the social media platforms to learn about the guy you want to ask out. What does he like? What is his interest? Does he have a girlfriend? This information will make it easier for you to know how to approach the guy. If he is single you can be a little flirtatious but if he is taken then you have to bring out the aggressiveness. After all, all is fair in love and war.

Build friendship: The guy you are interested in might not realise the attraction you have at first. You can give this time by being his friend and then eventually ask him out on friendship basis. If there is spark between you two constant friendship dates will finally light up the relationship fire.

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Make 'surprise' plans: Ask the guy if what he does for the weekend and even if it is something as boring as playing golf (no offense to golfers) pretend you also do that during the weekend. This will give you some common ground to start up on even if it is a false one. Ensure you use the opportunity well such that next times he asks you out to a place you actually enjoy.

Make a group date: Group dates such as hikes and road trips can be used to unite couples. Make a plan with your friend to go out as group even if its camping and ensure the guy is included in the plans. During the trip ensure you bond with the man such that next time you hang out it will only be the two of you.

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Use his close friend: What are friends for if not hooking us up with our ideal partners? If you are way afraid of approaching the guy, then you can use the friend to push him to ask you out. The friend will say how you seem interested in him and if he feels even an ounce of the same, then he will definitely ask you out on a date.

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