5 things to do in Mombasa

for Tv47 Digital May 24, 2019, 09:49 AM

While the beach is the main attractions there are other many things to do at the coastal town.

  1. Tour Mombasa's Old Town. The over 180 acres of land with its ancient architecture has a reflection of the mixed cultures of the Mombasa people.
  2. Try different foods. Food is one unique aspect when it comes to learning about different cultures. Mombasa is known for its famous Swahili cuisine which is sold everywhere on the streets of Mombasa. Take a stroll down the streets and try different meals so as to properly understand the tastebuds of the Swahili people.
  3. Swim with dolphins. Sail the blue waters in search of dolphin pods. Dolphins are adorable and very entertaining creatures.
  4. Scuba diving. Conquer your fears by diving underwater deep in the ocean and witness one of the most beautiful views of sea creatures and coral reefs.
  5. Nightlife. Party and dance with the locals of Mombasa. Use this opportunity to learn more about people's beliefs and their dances. You can also make friends in the process.

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