Dissatisfied at your current job? Take a look, you might be the problem

for Tv47 Digital July 26, 2020, 08:51 AM
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Jobs are jobs, they are no fun. Waking up early and sitting through traffic definitely does not make it any easier. And yes, a job is not only an office job. Sole proprietors, jamaa wa nyama, and the corporate babe all fall in the same category when it comes to working. Know why? Because it is all in the head, your attitude! That is what makes the sunrise or the dark last, figuratively speaking in your day to day hustle routine.

Turns out, regardless of what it is that you do, how you view it, go about it, and your intention to be happy or not plays a huge role in whether you have a great time working or not.

Now, some genuinely do not enjoy what they do because it is not what they envisioned doing and it is quite understandable.

But there is a lot that is in their dream jobs where they get to do what they love every single day.

So what is the problem? Turns out, you are the problem. Not your boss, not the traffic or your keyboard, it is you. Here’s how;


Comparison is the thief of joy. The moment you look through your friends and start envying their positions, the companies they are working at and the imaginary benefits they must be getting, then you will never see the good in your own hustle.

 It will always miss something, something that you can't quite put your finger on. Know why? Because the problem is in your head. You are so caught up comparing thus robbing you the time and the gratitude to recognize and love what is yours.


It is said that your attitude determines your altitude. How you decide to relate with colleagues, the boss, and even the tea girl really has an impact on your outlook on your job. It creates the vibe, your vibe.

It is unfortunate as it in turn causes a ripple effect where your performance is heavily affected.

Harboring anger and hatred never solves a thing.

Blurred lines

Sometimes the dislike is caused by a genuine issue. Something or somethings might be grossly wrong hence causing so much distress. The only way out in this instance is seeking help. Escalate the issues and talk about them. Purpose to fix the issue the best way, of course, using decorum and professionalism.

Job dissatisfaction is just the worst given that you are bound to show up on a daily and are expected to perform. A good place to start the journey to addressing what really is the issue is dealing with yourself first, the internal factors then proceed to fix the core issues accordingly.

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