Human rights activist declares love for handsome dog: "I am done with human beings!"

for Tv47 Digital March 06, 2021, 05:14 AM
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COME OVER HERE, HANDSOME: Stella and her beloved Freddie. PHOTO/COURTESY

I lost two people very close to me, in the last few days. The first, was my lover of a few years. He revealed that he was deeply uncertain about my political credibility and that he was doubtful of my loyalty to the liberation struggle in Uganda. The second, was a woman I trusted enough to take to my home and introduce to my children. I very rarely take non-family to my home. I was gullible enough to make her a friend and confidant with whom I shared several secrets."

Dr Nyanzi, a former research fellow at Uganda's Makerere University. Last month, it was reported that she had fled to Kenya, fearing for her life in the aftermath of the chaotic Presidential elections.

She unsuccessfully ran for Kampala Woman MP seat. Dr Nyanzi is said to have crossed the Uganda-Kenya border by bus “in disguise to avoid detection by security agents."

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