DP Ruto ally Kimani Ngunjiri: "Why I voted YES for BBI"

for Tv47 Digital May 07, 2021, 11:25 AM
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IMAGE: DP Ruto's ally Kimani Ngunjiri votes "Yes" for BBI despite social media fans advising "No". PHOTO/COURTESY

Change of tune? Ngunjiri says he decided to support BBI because it will bring more money to the grassroots PHOTO/COURTESY

In a joint statement released on Wednesday evening, President Uhuru and Mr Odinga had asked their party representatives to vote in favour of the Bill.

“We are making a joint appeal to members of the National assembly and the Senate to join the 3,188,001 Kenyans who supported the Bill, and the 44 County Assemblies who approved it,  in upholding what represents the hopes and aspirations of all those who participated in the various public forums seeking long term solutions to this country’s problems,” said the statement.

Following the success of this Bill at the National Assembly, Senate, the other wing of the bi-cameral parliament, will vote of it next week. This is one of the final stages towards a Referendum.

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