Outcry over arrest of farmer who gave Mudavadi a box of apples

for Tv47 Digital May 20, 2021, 05:52 AM
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Wambugu Apple Farmer
Wambugu was released on a KSh10,000 cash bail. RIGHT: While presenting apple seedlings to Musalia Mudavadi on May 4. PHOTOS/COURTESY

In a statement, LCRB disputes the harassment claims, saying Wambugu was arrested after allegedly assaulting county officers, and for failure to pay the Single Business Permit.

"On March 18, 2021, the Revenue Board officers went and invoiced the said farm as per the Finance Act 2021, which provides for the imposition of levies as per the third schedule under Agricultural Fee," says LCRB Communication Officer Kezia Kirera.

Invoice For Apple Seedlings

"On 19th May 2021, our officers went for a check-up and noted that Wambugu Farm had not honoured the invoice and a bond was issued on grounds of non-payment. On issuance of the bond, Mr Peter Wambugu, his two sons and his employees turned hostile and assaulted the officers who were on duty. Our officers reported the assault case at Ngobit Police Station on Monday 17th May 2021."

LCRB alleges that did not honour police requests to avail himself at the police station to record a statement. He was subsequently arrested on May 19 (yesterday). "We wish to clarify that the amount charged for the Single Business Permit is for the commercial business being operated in his farm, i.e selling of seedlings and not Cess fees as alleged by Mr Peter Wambugu," added LCRB.

Wambugu was released on a KSh10,000 cash bail.

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