MPs set to acquire high-end laptops at taxpayers' expense

for Tv47 Digital July 26, 2021, 07:32 AM

The taxpayer is set to fund the procurement of high-end laptops for Members of Parliament to enable them participate in virtual meetings.

If lawmakers approve a report tabled by the departmental Committee on Library and Broadcasting, the taxpayer will cough up well over KSh100 million for the purchase of the gadgets for the 350 members.

Assuming each MP gets an Apple MacBook Pro, whose cost is as high as KSh300,00, this means taxpayers will pay upwards of KSh105 million. This excludes the cost of purchasing the devices for 68 senators, and the Speaker.

The report reaffirmed that MPs prefer laptops to iPads for the virtual meetings.

However, a survey conducted by One Pulse Kenya revealed that 65% of Kenyans oppose the idea. The study conducted this week also says 80% of Kenyans do not believe COVID-19 is a valid reason for spending on MPs laptops.

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