Wanja Mwaura says she's out of danger, thanks Kenyans for support

for Tv47 Digital August 04, 2021, 01:31 PM
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Thika-based philanthropist Wanja Mwaura has thanked Kenyans for standing with her as she battled Covid-19.

Writing on Facebook, Wanja, who rose to fame in 2017 by rescuing and rehabilitating a childhood friend who was living in the streets, said she is now "out of the woods."

Last week, she had posted a sad message of her battle with the deadly virus. "I want to give up now. Done my best fighting. No longer strong enough to keep up the fight. Am down to my very last. I need to rest from this pain n discomfort. I am tired."

The message triggered numerous messages of encouragement from Kenyans. She received over 8,800 messages. "Thank you dear ones for not giving up on me even when I had given up on myself. This fight is really tough. I'm still fighting. Its up n down. Keep praying for me. I'm unable to pick up your calls because I'm running out of breath when I talk. I'm still hanging in there," she replied to the messages of encouragement.

This morning, Wanja, who has been receiving treatment at a Thika Hospital confirmed that she is feeling better. "The Lord has shown me kindness. Fevers down. Oxygen levels are good. I can comfortably breathe on my own, no heavy breathing. No pains no nothing. I only Need time to regain my strength. Am very weak though. I understand the road to recovery is slow but i will be patient. Thank you every one for standing with me. This had everything to do with God. A covenant keeping God."

In the 2017 instance, Wanja rescued Patrick Hinga, whom she had attended primary school with. She arranged for Hinga to undergo treatment at Chiromo Lane Medical Center and rehabilitation at The Retreat Rehabilitation Centre.

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