KWS: Warthogs, warthogs everywhere and not a single sable antelope!

for Tv47 Digital September 02, 2021, 06:09 AM

KWS Sable
A sable antelope. It is one of the species in Kenya listed as "critically endangered" with only 51 in existence. PHOTO/WIKIPEDIA

Lions, elephants and cheetahs are endangered too, the report says, citing the threat from an expanding human population.

KWS Census

The survey marked the first time KWS was conducting such an exercise aimed at informing its conservation policies.

In the report released late on Tuesday, the government said conservation efforts were facing a threat from an expanding population which is encroaching on the spaces reserved for wildlife.

Human activities such as farming and construction of roads and railways have affected the distribution of animals in some areas, the government said.

"Livestock incursions, logging, charcoal burning, settlements and fires were observed in conservation areas," the government said in the report.


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