"I kept my pregnancy secret for 7 months," 15-year-old beneficiary of Magoha's mop-up exercise narrates

for Tv47 Digital September 13, 2021, 12:07 PM
final mukuru kwa
IMAGE: Yvonne Mwende at her mukuru kwa njenga estate.PHOTO/TV47

Education Cabinet Secretary CS George Magoha during one of The Mop-Up exercises. PHOTO/COURTESY.

How she learnt of her pregnancy

The short-haired, Form One student narrated to TV47 Digital how she was shocked after receiving the pregnancy results at a local chemist.

She was in class eight at the time and was in a relationship with her child's father who is in his twenties. It was not until the seventh month that she made the shocking revelation to her mother. After getting a tip-off that Mwende's mother was searching for him, she reveals that the child's father fled to avoid prosecution.

"ilikua tu siri yetu alafu ikiwa na seven months ndio mom aliulizwa na mama fulani jirani  ni nini shida yangu...akasema hajui..akaambiwa akuje aniulize ndio nikamwambia....[the pregnancy was still a secret but after seven months a curious neighbor asked my mother what my problem was, she asked me and that is when I revealed to her]."

Day scholar in a boarding school

Considering the fact that her son is yet to be weaned, the move to find a nearby neighborhood secondary school seemed like the best option. Magoha's intervined to ensure that Mwende is admitted to a local boarding school but as a day scholar.

She wakes up at six oclock, prepares herself, nurses the child and leaves for school at 7:19 am. It is until 3:30 pm that she returns home for lactation.

While asked how she juggles motherhood with school, the young, single mom reveals it is not that rosy despite being grateful for the opportunity. She sometimes goes to school in an empty stomach, suffers headaches while in class, and at times gets bored fighting the overwhelming urge to head home to see her son.

"...nikiingia tu class me huumwa na kichwa...me huvumilia tu,najikakamuanga tu..me husikia tu nmeboeka shule,nikuje tu home nione mtoto..."[at times I suffer headaches as soon as I arrive in class...I persevere and try to work hard...other times I get bored in school and I want to head home to see my child]

The aspiring beautician explained how she catches up with her peers who started classes way before her.

"Me hutafuta mwanafunzi  asha soma izo vitu zingine, namwambia anifunze...ananifunza ivo ivo tu [I seek out classmates who have already covered past topics and ask them to teach me]."

She says that she has an arrangement with the school to switch into a full-time boarder in two-months time.

She aspires to complete her studies and score an A in her final national exams.

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