Charles Njonjo: 'Duke of Kabeteshire' had a taste for things British

Charles Njonjo Njonjo started his journey to the powerful office of Attorney General after succeeding A.M.F. Webb as the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions.

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Charles Njonjo dies at 101 TV47
The former CJ during the first days of independence. He died this morning at 101. PHOTO/FILE

In President Jomo Kenyatta's Cabinet, Njonjo wielded immense power. He could deregister companies, deport foreigners, order for detention of those perceived to be enemies of the State and jail or release prisoners.

The extent of this power was witnessed in 1978 when Jomo died in office. He stopped the clamour by a powerful clique of businessmen-cum-politicians from Mount Kenya region dubbed the 'Mount Kenya Mafia' from changing the Constitution to stop Vice President Daniel Moi from automatically assuming the presidency.

Barely four years later, Charles Njonjo found himself on Moi's receiving end after being framed for allegedly playing a role in the infamous 1982 coup. Njonjo was condemned to oblivion.

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