Ex-MP John Serut's daughter faces wrath of Kenyans online after medical funds appeal

for Tv47 Digital October 15, 2021, 05:09 AM

In Summary

  • Former Mount Elgon MP John Serut is suffering from multiple myeloma
  • Netizens accuse him of spearheeading Mt Elgon clashes that left many dead

Former Mount Elgon MP John Serut's daughter Chemoss Serut touched a live wire when she wrote on Twitter requesting for help from Kenyans to offset his father's enormous hospital bill.

In a reaction that portrays the discontentment Kenyans harbour with their leaders, Chemoss was reminded of her father's privileged past, the perks he enjoyed while in the August House, and the litany of allegations surrounding the intermittent clashes in the constituency he once represented.

Serut's Diagnosis

“Hey guys," wrote Chemoss. "So a lot of you don’t know me but I’m here requesting your help today. My father’s name is John Serut and he’s been unwell for a while now. He was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in January of 2020. Since then, we’ve had medical bills totalling about 20 million. So far, we’ve handled this as a family but we’re now reaching out to you for help.”

She mourned about the high cost of healthcare in Kenya, saying that every time her father visits the hospital "the bill has been no less than Sh3 million.”

The appeal, genuine and sincere as it may have been, stirred a Twitterati Hornet's Nest.

"Have y'all tried selling properties accumulated during his term?" asked P. Muoge. "If not, I'd suggest you do so."

Reactions to the medical funds appeal flowed in thick and fast.

Serut represented the Mt Elgon constituency in 2002 (KANU), and again in 2017 (Independent), after when he lost to his political nemesis Fred Kapondi of Jubilee. He is rumoured to be planning a comeback in 2022.

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