Aisha Jumwa skips murder trial hearing, claims she's sick

for Tv47 Digital January 26, 2022, 10:08 AM
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Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa's murder case has been adjourned to February 1 after she skipped hearing claiming she is sick. PHOTO/COURTESY

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa was a no show in court yesterday. She is facing murder charges alongside Geoffrey Okuto Otieno from 2019.

Her lawyer Danstan Omari told the court that Aisha had been taken ill and put on bed rest hence she could not travel to Mombasa. He sought adjournment of the hearing to give her time to recover.

"Ms Jumwa has been taken ill. She has been advised by her doctors to take bed rest for five days," he told the court.

Aisha Jumwa's adjournment request opposed

The Prosecutor however opposed the request for adjournment telling the court that the sickness claim was 'an excuse to derail the trial’. They also asked the court to issue a warrant of arrest against the lawmaker.

Mr Omari supported the sickness claim by providing signed and stamped documentation. High Court Judge Anne Ong’injo granted the adjournment requested directing however that she should produce a detailed medical report during the next hearing.

The case will be mentioned on February 1.

The law maker and co-accused Geoffrey Okuto Otieno were charged over the killing of Michael Jola Ngumbao and injuring several people during the October 2019 Ganda Ward by-election.

The seat had fallen vacant after the High Court nullified the election of Abdulrahman Omar due to election irregularities in the August 7, 2017, General elections.

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