Duale blasts Uhuru for presiding over coalition of 'ethnic chieftains'; says move will balkanize Kenya

for Tv47 Digital March 13, 2022, 10:16 AM
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Garisa Town MP Aden Duale.

Duale blasts Uhuru for presiding over coalition of 'ethnic chieftains'; says move will balkanize Kenya
Garissa Township MP Aden Duale during a previous event. He has accused President Uhuru Kenyatta of presiding over a coalition of tribal chieftains.

Duale: Support Kenya Kwanza

Duale, while describing the Azimio Coalition as a merchant of ethnic and regional political leaders, urged Kenyans to unite under the Kenya Kwanza Coalition which he said was focused on uniting all Kenyans irrespective of their tribe, race or religious background.

According to Duale, Kenyans will in the forthcoming August polls vote for people who will defend the Constitution, revive the economy "that is in tatters", as well as the ballooning public debt.

“The people of kenya will vote for those who will respect the rule of law, those who will respect the independency of the judiciary, the legislature as well as those who will say no to the re-introduction of an imperial presidency,” said Duale.

The former National Assembly majority leader said the handshake between President Uhuru and Raila was not about the unity of the country but about 2022 succession politics.

“You President Kenyatta perpetuated the handshake telling the people of Kenya that it was about unity when we knew that it was about your succession and state capture of the economy. unfortunately you will go down in history as a person who handed over power when our country is divided along ethnic, regional and political systems.”

Duale further hit out AT leaders from Northeastern region who have declared their support for Raila, saying that they did not represent the interests of the Somali community and the Muslim community as they alleged.

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