Horrific accident along Ndenderu-Ruaka road claims three lives

for Tv47 Digital March 13, 2022, 12:50 PM
an ambulance headed to deliver emergency services

Kiambu: Three killed in lorry accident on Ndenderu-Ruaka road
Lorry that lost control in Kiambu killing three pedestrians.

Poor road conditions blamed for the accident

Eye witnesses blamed the unfortunate incident on the poor state of the road. They called on the contractors to put markings, erect bumps, and build a footbridge to prevent deaths in the future.

Humphrey Kamau an eyewitness says, "This morning we have witnessed a very bad accident, we have already lost three lives. Two men and a lady."

"We'd want to urge the contractor building this road to at least erect a footbridge and put a few bumps to avoid such incidences."

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