Man who survived Kimilili killer brew dies after returning to the same chang'aa den

for Tv47 Digital March 26, 2022, 08:13 AM
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Distraught residents of Kananai village in Kamkunywa ward, Kimilili sub-County where six people have now died after consuming illicit liquor. They are now calling upon government agencies to conduct a crackdown on chang'aa dens in the area. PHOTO/Wanji So

One person has been confirmed dead in Kananai village of Kimilili Constituency, Bungoma County, after consuming 'poisonous' illicit brew commonly known as chang'aa.

Eugene Wafula, 33, died after consuming the brew from a local den where five people had died on Wednesday this week.

Even more shocking is the fact that Wafula was among those who drank the liquor from the den and were rushed to Kimilili sub-County Hospital after complaining of stomach aches and general body fatigue.

While five people died while receiving treatment, Wafula was among those who were lucky to survive. He was treated and discharged on Thursday.

But as fate would have it, Wafula's unquenched thirst for local brew forced him to return to the same chang'aa den.

Immediately after taking the brew, he started complaining of stomachache and was rushed to Kimilili sub-County Hospital on Friday, and this time round, Wafula did not survive.

The police and medical experts have launched investigation to determine the chemicals that were used to make the brew.

Residents are now calling upon responsible agencies to take up the matter with seriousness and rid the area of illicit brew dens.

More to follow...

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