Kingi's PAA unveiled as member of Kenya Kwanza alliance, outlines details of agreement

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Pamoja Africa Alliance (PAA) party led by Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi has formally been welcomed into the Kenya Kwanza Alliance.

At a press conference held at Deputy President William Ruto's Karen office in Nairobi today, Kingi, who was flanked by his top party officials, outlined the key issues they agreed on with Kenya Kwanza.

"Initially, PAA had hoped to join Azimio. Unfortunately and regrettably, PAA had to opt out because the legal process was frustrated by flat refusal by Azimio to make available a copy to be tabled to our National Executive Committee for ratification," Kingi said. "The dealings in Azimio are shrouded in deep secrecy and mistrust."

Kingi says the agreement with Kenya Kwanza will address the historical issues surrounding land, the port of Mombasa, and appointment to plum state jobs.

"Upon winning, Kenya Kwanza shall reverse all operational changes carried out in the recent past to relocate Mombasa sea port to inland. This will be done within an year."

Kingi says the agreement envisions the revival of the cashew nut industry, and "involve local management in sharing of resources of the blue economy."

Other promises include the review the Coast Guard Act to protect economic activities such as fishing, sharing of mineral resources, and addressing of historical land injustices. One of the goals of this land reform is to facilitate locals to purchase land from absentee landlords.

Kingi added that if Kenya Kwanza wins, people of the coastal region will get equitable representation in national government appointment in all cadres of the public service.

DP Ruto said the roping in of PAA and Maendeleo Chap Chap into Kenya Kwanza illustrates the success of their vision to "refashion, re-organize and replan our politics."

"We did insist that we are going to change the foundation of our political discourse and that the politics of our nation is no longer going to be about leaders, positions, and the mere sharing of power," said Ruto.

"We are determined to get away from personality cults, personality politics to institutions that share a common agenda and common plan."

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