Two arrested for allegedly smoking weed in a Busia-bound bus

for Tv47 Digital May 12, 2022, 05:44 PM
Busia bus driver drives two suspected gangsters to DCI headquarters along Kiambu road.

Police in Nairobi are holding two suspects on suspicion of peddling and smoking marijuana.

Kennedy Mekemi and Lenox Abuoga were arrested when the driver of a night bus they were travelling in detoured to the main gate of DCI headquarters along Kiambu Road. The bus, registration number KBR 628B, and belonging to Kitale Shuttle Company was headed for Busia.

"Kennedy had concealed two rolls close to his privates while Lenox had concealed a half smoked joint inside a match box," alleges DCI.

The bus had left the Machakos country bus station at around 11pm.

Not long thereafter, "the driver smelt an aroma of blazing cannabis sativa coming from the back of the bus." Some of the passengers had dozen off and upon switching the onboard lights, he noted a whiff of smoke.

DCI says he decided to detour from the usual Waiyaki Way route to Kiambu Road, where he could inform the officers.

"Officers manning the majestic entrance to the Mazingira complex approached the bus to establish what was happening, only to learn from the driver that there were passengers who were smoking weed inside, in total disregard of the rest of the passengers including women and children."

The officers frisked the passengers, leading to the arrest of the two suspects and the discovery of the narcotics.

The two were booked at DCI headquarters as the officers allowed the rest of the passengers to continue with their journey. DCI says the actions of the bus driver "were heroic and are to be emulated by other drivers in the public transport sector."

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