"Adopt my constitutions or perish!" Bungoma man, 82, now says

for Tv47 Digital May 16, 2022, 08:09 AM
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(right) Ronald Wanyama displays the constitution he has written. PHOTOS / TV47.

Ronald Wanyama leading a service. "Mimi ndiyo Yohana Mbatizaji mwenyewe aliyekuwa Israeli si mtu mwingine," he says. PHOTO / TV47

Neighboring villages of Nandolia who heard of him are said to have been visiting him to seek healing and deliverance. In addition, some claim to have witnessed him perform miracles and that they believe him a true prophet.

"Thirteen years ago I was insane and my whole body started swelling but after having a session with Ronald Wanyama I am now better," says one resident who claims to have healed after a session with the 'prophet'.

"In all honesty, this man heals and most times I have witnessed people who are brought to him with different complications get healed. Even mad men," says another.

Wanyama says that despite his old age and him having 42 wives - four are deceased - he still plans on marrying other wives as he is still capable and has the strength in him. His youngest wife, who he married last year, is twenty three years old.

One of his wives say they all live together in harmony.

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