The Alchemist on the spot over racism allegations

for Tv47 Digital May 29, 2022, 03:10 PM
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Black bouncer chasing away a black man from a line with White people at the Alchemist restaurant in Westland n Nairobi.

The Alchemist in Nairobi's Westlands has found itself once again on the receiving end from Kenyans on Twitter over racism and discrimination allegations.

On Sunday May 29, 2022, a Kenyan tweep by the name Slim Daddy posted a clip alleging that the bar has been discriminating against black people at the entrance.

In the viral clip seen by TV47 Digital, a black young man is seen queuing alongside Indians and Europeans before a tall masculine African bouncer tells him to move away from the queue.

"How will we ever beat racism if we are racist against our own selves. Last week when I went to Alchemist there was a line for White and Indian people, separate from the blacks’. One black guy tried using the line akachujwa immediately. This is sad really," Slim Daddy said in a tweet.

The Alchemist responds

Following the allegations, the restaurant has responded saying it was aware of the viral clip and has reached out to the individuals to get more information on the matter.

"Since we opened our doors, The Alchemist has always been a home to creators, partners, musicians and customers from all different backgrounds. It's clear from the response so far that we need to do better to ensure that our mission is upheld every single moment of everyday.

"To anyone that has felt aggrieved, we sincerely apologize and we look forward o sitting down together and addressing these issues head on," the restaurant said in a statement.

Previous allegations of racism

This is not the first time the high-end night club has been accused of racism and discrimination.

In August 2018, a tweep by the name Cynthia Mbuthia accused the establishment of denying her two friends access to some areas ostensibly due to her skin colour.

"Yesterday at Alchemist Bar two of my friends were told that they couldn’t stand in an area because it was only for Indians and Wazungus. The bouncer laughed in their faces as if we couldn’t do anything about it, and in the moment we couldn’t, but I refuse to let racism slide," Cynthia wrote.

However, the club management downplayed her accusations saying they cater for people of all races.

"We cater to people of all races. We have employees from all races. Until last Saturday, we have never had any complaints about discrimination. We are sorry if these allegations are true and would love for the people affected to come and talk to us since no one has reached out yet," the club said at that time.

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