Sniffer dogs aid police in seizure of bhang from Vihiga Boys High School students

for Tv47 Digital June 01, 2022, 07:52 AM
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Other contraband was also recovered by police dogs in the random checks conducted as the students resumed schooling after half-time. PHOTOS/NPS

Police have recovered five rolls of bhang from Vihiga High School students returning from midterm.

The illegal substance was nabbed alongside unidentified yellow tablets concealed inside pages of an exercise book, packets of pancakes, cans of peanut butter, and baked soya beans by the officers attached to the Nyanza Region K-9 team.

The police force, which was previously known as the Police Dog Unit, had been invited by the school principal to complement the institution's ability to arrest the drug abuse menace.

The officers led by Ezekiel Njagi had been tasked with screening drugs, contraband, and other dangerous instruments that could be smuggled into the school.

"The K-9 Police team is most visible to those travelling in the Standard Gauge Railways (SGR) where a section of the dog-wielding police officers have consistently provided efficient screening services to travellers," says the National Police Service.

"But unknown to many, the K-9 Police Unit is decentralized across counties and sub-counties, and continues to provide efficient services in securing our neighbourhoods."

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