Jaoko Oburu: Odinga dynasty is a fallacy; I cleaned pots, cooked food to survive in Canada

for Tv47 Digital June 16, 2022, 10:34 AM
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Azimio Young Turks Chairperson Jaoko Oburu Odinga has strongly criticised those who are against his appointment as the leader of the caucus.

Being Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition presidential candidate Raila Odinga's nephew, Jaoko's appointment elicited an uproar from a section of Kenyans who read nepotism in the whole situation.

But speaking on TV47's 'Morning Cafe' show on Thursday, Jaoko said that he was appointed unanimously by the group based on his political understanding and stand.

"No one made me chairman of Azimio Young Turks apart from Zack Kinuthia, who I co-chair with, Solomon Kuria, IG Ngugi, Janet Luthuku and Fred Makajos. Central Kenya elders came to our home to seal the handshake and we happened to have been invited as young people. As the youth we were challenged to ensure the handshake was preserved."

"When I sat with the youth, I told them to form something but they insisted they would not form anything without me in it. I opposed saying I am not a youth so that is how the name 'Young Turks' came about."

'Odinga dynasty is a fallacy'

He also addressed the dynasty narrative propagated by Raila's opponents. Jaoko argues that Jaramogi Oginga (father to Raila and Oburu Odinga) was minister of Home Affairs tasked with repatriating land from the colonialists yet he did not grab any.

"He bought small pieces of land whose receipts we have. By the time he died, our total size of land had not even reach 1,000 acres."

"My dad wanted me to go to India for my degree as that is what he could afford but I insisted on Canada. We had a harambee to raise money and when I went to Canada, I cleaned pots and cooked food to survive," he quipped.


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