Tragedy as youthful Kenyan nurse in Canada drowns in swimming pool; inadvertently livestreams tragedy on Facebook

for Tv47 Digital August 19, 2022, 06:30 PM
Hellen Wendy Kenyan nurse in Canada drowns
Hellen Wendy at the ill-fated swimming session (left) and right, the pool ringed with a white picket fence. PHOTOS/FACEBOOK

In Summary

  • Her profile depicts a happy-go-lucky young professional enjoying life in the North American country. 

  • She is a former student at Itierio Girls-Kisii- and Pwani University. 

Facebook users are reeling in shock after a young Kenyan woman living in Canada drowned in a swimming pool and inadvertently livestreamed the tragedy to a legion of followers.

Hellen Wendy Nyabuto had just dipped into the pool to enjoy a summer swim after work. She seemed jovial, getting in and out of the water, wiping her face, and scrolling through the comments as they dripped into the comments section of the live video broadcast from her mobile phone.

Talking to friends

Wendy calls out the names of friends writing on her wall. It is now eerie, unforeseen farewell. “I am having a good time,” she says. “Ni saa nane na nusu. Na enjoy.”

To one friend, she says, “Tafuta pesa utuletee”, before diving back into the pool, the deeper end. The pool, which is an apparently affluent neighbourhood, is ringed with a white picket fence. All seems well at first but she strokes her arms in an apparent struggle before letting out several chilly screams.

Wendy was apparently alone inside the pool at the time. After the screams, the video goes quiet save for the slow movement of water and a cockerel crowing at a distance. 

Hellen Wendy Nyabuto just moments before her tragic demise. PHOTOS | FACEBOOK 

The live video rolls for another three hours, to early evening – the crowing replaced by sonorous crickets, summer sunshine by foreboding darkness.

Elderly Caucasian man

The video also captures an elderly Caucasian man in briefs dipping into the now-chilly pool (“oh, ah”, he sighs). Moments later, he is heard conversing with another man over ‘what’s that dead on the water….I think it’s a poodle or something.’

“If was actually a dead person, they’d be floating at the top,” one of the voices is heard saying.

The duo notifies the pool management about the presence of the body.

The rotund Caucasian in briefs appears at the pool steps, holding the grills and poses to his colleague about the discovery of the body, “Is that real?”

It is at the moment that the live stream ends.

Foul play?

Details about the incident are still scanty, and predictably, some of her followers have suspected foul play. "If you watch this video clearly that far End where she started screaming there was someone...Someone just Accomplished their mission.." writes one distraught commentator. 

In her Facebook profile, Wendy said she worked as a nurse. She attended Itierio Girls High School in Kisii County, and later studied Oncology nursing at Pwani University.

Hellen Wendy's photos depict a young profession full of verve and vivacity. PHOTOS | FACEBOOK

Though she does not say when she emigrated to Canada, Wendy’s profile notes that she undertook pre-Nursing training at Toronto Metropolitan University

Her profile also depicts a happy-go-lucky and successful person enjoying life in the North American country. 

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