Counsel Julie Soweto's claims of Jose Camargo was hot air - CJ Martha Koome

for Tv47 Digital September 05, 2022, 02:57 PM
Chief Justice
Chief Justice Martha Koome reading the 2022 presidential petition ruling at the Supreme Court. PHOTO/JUDICIARY

The Supreme Court has dismissed the petitioners' claims that there was interference in the uploading and transmission of Forms 34A by one Jose Camargo and two other Venezuelans arrested at the JKIA during the August 9 2022 Presidential Election.

While reading an abridged ruling of the apex court on the petition on Monday, Chief Justice Martha Koome said that the evidence presented before the court by lawyer Julie Soweto to support the claims was nothing but hot air.

“We turn to Form 34A for Gacharaigu Primary School which was sensationally presented by Madam Julie Soweto to show that one Jose Camargo accessed the RTS and interfered with the results contained therein, this also turned out to be no more than hot air and we were taken on a wild goose chase that yielded nothing of value,” Koome said.

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In a unanimous decision, all the seven judges of the Supreme Court ruled that there was no evidence indicating that unauthorized persons accessed the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) servers before and after the August 9 polls.

"Some of the logs presented as evidence of staging showed that they were either logs arising from the 2017 Presidential Election or were outright forgeries.

"There was no evidence of a man in the middle server configured to the IEBC’s BPN network and no evidence was produced to show that the chairperson of the IEBC and staff were part of the alleged conspiracy to stage the transmission process," CJ Koome added.

The court also dismissed the John Githongo affidavit that had alleged that 50 people hacked the IEBC servers during transmission of presidential results, saying that it contained forged evidence something punishable by law.

"No credible evidence was presented to prove the allegations that form 34A were frequently altered by a group situated in Karen under the direction of a person named in the affidavit," Koome said.

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