Ruto: "Unfortunately, President Kenyatta has not seen it fit to congratulate me"

for Tv47 Digital September 08, 2022, 02:00 AM
Ruto on CNN's Amanpour show
President-elect William Ruto speaks on CNN's Amanpour show on Wednesday evening. PHOTO/CNN

In Summary

  • Earlier in the day, President-elect William Ruto revealed that he had spoken to outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta on phone about transition. 
  • The CNN interview covered a variety of issues including gay rights and the war in Ukraine. 

President-elect William Ruto says outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta has not congratulated him following his victory in the August 9 polls.

Speaking in an interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour on Wednesday evening, Ruto whose victory was unsuccessfully challenged at the Supreme Court, said Uhuru might be "a bit disillusioned." 

"Unfortunately, President Kenyatta has not seen it fit to congratulate me, but that's fine," he said. "Maybe he's a bit disillusioned or maybe he's unhappy that I defeated his candidate. But that is the nature of politics."

Call to Uhuru

Earlier on Wednesday, Ruto announced on social media that he had conversed with Uhuru on phone about transition and the just-concluded election. 

"I had a telephone conversation with my boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta. We discussed the just concluded general election and the transition as envisaged by our democratic tradition and practice," Ruto had said.

Preparations are underway for the Tuesday, September 13, swearing in ceremony of Ruto as the fifth President of Kenya.

In a 13-minute long interview on Amanpour, Ruto reiterated that his administration will be democratic and at the service of all Kenyans. 

"The administration that I'm going to run is going to be an administration that is going to serve all Kenyans equally, whether they voted for us or they did not." 

Ruto garnered 50.49% of the votes cast. His closest challenger- political arch rival Raila Odinga of Azimio coalition got 48.85%. 

Back to work

"We can go to an election, we can decide who our leaders are and the next day we can go back to work. That is the standard we have raised for ourselves as the people of Kenya, I am very proud of it," added Ruto. 

Soon after his victory was upheld by the Supreme Court on September 5, CNN correspondent David McKenzie wrote on Twitter:

The president-elect also answered questions on a variety of issues including gay rights, Somalia, and the Russia-Ukraine war that's negatively affecting many economies around the world including Kenya's. 

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