"Kenyan girls dying in Saudi Arabia because of abortion are impregnated by Kenyan men, not Saudis" -Lobby Chairman

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Kenyan girls dying in Saudi Arabia
ASMAK Chairperson Francis Wahome (front row, centre) and members of the Kenya Association of Private Employment Agencies during a press conference on allegations of mistreatment of Kenyans in Saudi Arabia on September 8, 2022.

The Association of Skilled Migrant Agencies of Kenya (ASMAK) now says that Kenyan domestic workers lack proper training, especially on Arabic culture, to work in the Middle East.

Speaking to the press on Thursday, ASMAK Chairperson Francis Wahome said that the numerous allegations of Kenyans' mistreatment at the hands of their employers in the Gulf states is because of their misbehaviour.

"Saudi Arabia is a very good country. The media is misinforming the public on mistreatment allegations in Saudi Arabia. Most of Kenyan girls are dying in Saudi Arabia because of abortion and they are impregnated by Kenyan men not Saudi men," Wahome said.

Wahome claimed that most of the Kenyan girls lamenting of mistreatment often resort to other private businesses not prescribed in their work permits and contracts upon their arrival in the Middle East, thus failing on their primary duties.

"Our girls should know that they are going to Saudi Arabia for work not for holiday or as tourists," he added.

Diana Chepkemoi plight

ASMAK now reads mischief in the whole saga involving Diana Chepkemoi, a Kenyan university student who was allegedly held against her will by her employer in Riyadha, Saudi Arabia.

Upon his return to the country on Tuesday after a public outcry that saw government officials involved, an emotional Diana said that she is not the only Kenyan suffering at the hands of cruel employers in the Middle East, urging the government to look into the situation and rescue hundreds of Kenyans.

"I left Kenya to go to Saudi Arabia with the hopes of getting a better life and to be honest, mine was just a tip on the iceberg, people are suffering there. My friends are suffering there. I'm just pleading with the government, just please do something about them. I am back because at least for me I had a voice," she said, while tears coursed down her cheeks.

ASMAK says that bloggers in the country have used the story to propagate negative news about Saudi Arabia, an otherwise "good country that has offered employment opportunities to over 200,000 Kenyans."

The body, however, says recruitment agencies are ready to work with the new Kenya Kwanza government to come up with a proper policy to guide Kenyans working overseas.

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