This legion is not mourning the Queen: "May Elizabeth and her ancestors get what they deserve"

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Julius Malema on the Queen Elizabeth
The late Queen Elizabeth, a scene from one of the detention camps in colonial Kenya and the EFF leader Julius Malema. PHOTOS/FILE

In Summary

  • She was on the throne for 76 years, a period when Britain perpetrated some of the worst human rights abuses on the colonised countries. 
  • South Africa's Economic Freedom Fighters party has issued a scathing assessment of her reign. 

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II died yesterday. 

She was 96, and the longest-serving monarch with 76 years on the throne. 

During her reign, the British colony perpetuated some of the most atrocious crimes in Africa, India, Australia and other parts of the world. 

De mortuis nihil nisi bonum (Do not speak ill of the dead), so goes a popular maxim. It's a maxim that Julius Malema-led Economic Freedom Fighters of South Africa, and 'sons and daughters of Mau Mau' in Kenya, a former British colony, do not subscribe to. 

They have lit the blogosphere abuzz with searing, no-holds barred attributes to the late Queen Elizabeth. Chilon of Sparta be damned!

"God," wrote Malema on Twitter without his mincing words. "Good riddance; only one remains in SA (South Africa)."

Scathing assessment 

The tweet was following by a two-page scathing statement from EFF that dwelt on Queen Elizabeth's unfiltered legacy. 

"Elizabeth ascended to the throne in 1952, reigning for 70 years as a head of an institution built up, sustained, and living off a brutal legacy of dehumanization of millions of people across the world," said the statement in part. "We do not mourn the death of Elizabeth, because to us her death is a reminder of a very tragic period in this country and Africa’s history."

The detailed statement dissects historical truths on the British's scramble for resources, mass torture and human rights abuses.

"Our interaction with Britain under the leadership of the British royal family has been one of pain and suffering, of death and dispossession, and of dehumanization of African people. We remember how Nxele died in the aftermath of the fifth frontier war, how King Hintsa was killed like a dog on the 11th of May 1835 during the sixth frontier war, and had his body mutilated, and his head taken to Britain as a trophy," adds the statement. 

"In Kenya, Britain built concentration camps and suppressed with such inhumane brutality the Mau Mau rebellion, killing Dedan Kimathi on the 18th of February 1957, while Elizabeth was already Queen," EFF also said. 


"During her 70-year reign as Queen, she never once acknowledge the atrocities that her family inflicted on native people that Britain invaded across the world. She willingly benefited from the wealth that was attained from the exploitation and murder of millions of people across the world.

"The British Royal family stands on the shoulders of millions of slaves who were shipped away from the continent to serve the interests of racist white capital accumulation, at the center of which lies the British royal family," the statement signed by EFF's Sinawo Thambo, Leigh-Ann Mathys and Sixolise Gcilishe added. "If there is really life and justice after death, may Elizabeth and her ancestors get what they deserve."

Kenyans weigh in

Kenyans have also weighed in on the matter. Here are a sample of the tweets: 


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