Drama as royal guard faints next to Queen Elizabeth's coffin

for Tv47 Digital September 15, 2022, 11:29 AM
Guard collapse
Guard collapses next to queen Elizabeth's coffin in Westminster Hall, London. PHOTO/FILE

One of the royal guards guarding Queen Elizabeth's coffin as she lies in state inside Westminster Hall in London fainted off the podium as mourners paid their respect to the monarch.

Live broadcast video seen by TV47 Digital shows the black-clad guard holding vigil before fainting during the 3:00 AM Thursday incident. Immediately, police rushed to the scene to help him. 

Prior to his collapse, he had earlier briefly stepped off the podium before retaking his place as other guards were beginning to change shifts.

The coffin bearing the Queen's body, which has been placed on a raised platform called a catafalque, is being guarded round the clock by units from the Sovereign's Bodyguard or Yeoman Warders of the Tower of London. 

Earlier on, Hello Magazine said that one member of the royal family Lady Gabriella Marina fainted as they caught a glimpse of the Queen's body for the first time as it entered Westminster Hall.

After the incident, Marina was not seen again during the event and was even absent from a photo that featured all the members of the royal family.

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